Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, September 28, 2007

X.U. razing Zumbiel plant as first step in 20-acre development

Today’s Enquirer says Norwood's vacant Zumbiel plant will be razed next month, though construction of the Xavier Square development at Montgomery Rd. and Dana Ave. isn’t expected to start until early 2009. The demolition was announced yesterday at Xavier’s Founders Day dinner. X.U. official John Kucia said, “for years we’ve known that one of our weaknesses is that there’s really nothing within walking distance of our campus for our students. Our intention is for this to be a neighborhood destination. It’s an acknowledgement that the health and vitality of the university and the surrounding community are interdependent.” Mayor Williams said Xavier Square will be part of the city's transformation from industrial center to an attractive site for mixed-use developments and added, "It cleans up that area down there. I think it will have a ripple effect."