Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our roving reporter's account of the voter registration drives

Saturday’s two voter registration drives (see 9/18/07 blog below) were successful on several counts. Between 5 residents who registered on the spot and those who took the forms home to mail in to the Board of Elections, there could be as many 20 new voters for this November’s election. Most who stopped by had the opportunity to meet candidates for both City and school board races.

“It was especially satisfying to see two brand new voters who recently turned 18 and three new residents of Norwood register to vote,” said Lisa Bauer, candidate for Norwood School Board and sponsor of the events.

Bauer and school board candidate Lynn Ellis, and city office candidates Mike Gabbard, Steve Thornbury, Jerry Owens, Pete Tepe, Todd Tittle, Cassandra Brown, and representatives from Jim Stith's campaign met and talked with voter registrants. In the morning, the event was held on the piazza outside the Speckled Bird Café at the corner of Mills and Carter. In the afternoon, the event went on the road, setting up a wiener roast in the parking lot of Zion United Church of Christ, 2332 Sherwood Lane.

“I was excited to see candidates from all parties come to our event,” Bauer said. “I appreciated getting the chance to meet them before I vote on Nov. 6.”

Bauer, 45, is a Norwood parent, a volunteer, and an assistant professor of education at Wilmington College. The first-time school board candidate says her top priority is “to allow Norwood families and residents significant input into offering our children an education rich with the pride, heritage, resources and values of the Norwood community.”

Bauer and her husband Nelson have lived in Norwood since 1984. One son graduated from Norwood High School, and two other sons are currently enrolled in Norwood schools.

The deadline to register for the Nov. 6 election is Oct.9. Forms are available at the Norwood Branch of the Public Library or at the Hamilton County Board of Elections, 513-632-7000.

9/27/07 P.S. Yesterday, we forgot to identify the three candidates in the picture. From L to R, council-at-large candidate Cassandra Brown and school board candidates Lisa Bauer and Lynn Ellis.