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Monday, August 13, 2007

Excerpts from the NPD 2006 Annual Report

A new weekly series

If you haven’t seen it yet, next time you’re at the Norwood Library with a few minutes to spare, ask the front desk for the 60-page 2006 NPD Annual Report. It‘s a fast and informative read. Along with a number of short statistical reports, it’s loaded with riveting anecdotes about foot and car chases, undercover drug investigations, the SWAT team, counterfeit money, tasers, homicide and robbery investigations, and the exploits of K9 Axel, etc., all submitted by the various officers in charge of the NPD’s 3 shifts and special crime fighting units. At times, it has the feel of a print version of TV’s “Cops” show that featured the NPD last year.

Over the next weeks, we‘re going to publish some of the statistical data and the accounts we found especially interesting. Most of them relate the extreme dangers our police officers face 24/7. As Officer DiPietrantonio with the Canine Unit wrote, “It seems that almost everyone is carrying a gun these days.” Chilling, but something we all need to keep in mind, too.

This week, we’re featuring The Norwood Drug Task Force, which conducted 148 drug investigations last year that resulted in 83 arrests and a total of 204 felony charges filed. Along the way, $56,254 worth of illegal drugs was confiscated, with black tar heroin ($20,300), powder cocaine ($10,380), and crack cocaine ($8,645) representing the lion’s share.

A number of the NDTF anecdotes credit tips and complaints from Norwood residents for having started investigations that led to arrests. These really build the case for citizen involvement in making our community a safer place for our children and ourselves:

1. Based on several complaints from neighbors and Norwood High School parents, NDTF executed as search warrant at 2028 Elm Avenue. Two subjects were arrested and a 20-year-old male was charged with several counts of Trafficking in Marijuana; he was specifically selling small baggies of marijuana to Norwood students.

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