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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Levy resolution needs two more Special Council Meetings

That’ll be 6 total to get it right

Last night’s Special Council Meeting to consider a revised Resolution A. correcting the ORC reference in the original 8-mill levy resolution that passed 7/23/07 was excruciating to watch. It was so excruciating we just cannot fully describe it, but here’s a taste of how things unfolded for anyone who missed it:

Mayor Williams was out of town, so Council President Jane Grote subbed for him, and Councilperson Keith Moore presided in her place. Ms. Kelly was absent, Mr. Sanker was late, so an early motion by Mr. Mumper to have all 3 readings wasn’t put to a vote for lack of the requisite 6 council members being present to pass it. Then Mr. Barlow make a motion for a 1st reading, but there was no 2nd. Then Mr. Sanker arrived and made a motion for all 3 readings, seconded by Mr. Mumper, but it failed because the vote was 5 to 1 with Mr. Schneider casting the only “no” vote…again.

Mr. Schneider then set about explaining again why he continues to oppose the 8-mill levy renewal, and Mr. Sanker, as in meetings past, answered him. Finally, a resolution for a 1st reading passed, and finally, 2 more Special Council Meeting dates were nailed down. There still won’t be the 6 needed tonight to have both the 2nd and 3rd readings because Mr. Mumper won’t be present, and it certainly looks like Mr. Schneider will continue to cast “no” votes.

Mr. Mumper explained early in the meeting that our Law Director’s office wrote the wrong ORC reference into the original Resolution A. After council passed it 7/23/07 and sent it to the Hamilton County Auditor’s office for certification, that office caught the ORC error and rejected the resolution outright. Mr. Schneider’s take on this? “This clearly shows we need to have our house in order…we’re running into problems with not getting things done at a level they should be…” Amen, to that.

Next two Special Council Meetings:
1. Tonight, August 8, at 8:00 p.m.
2. Tomorrow, August 9, at 7:00 p.m.