Citizens For A Better Norwood

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dusty Rhodes tells BOCC easiest way to save costs

Maybe they should seek Norwood’s advice, too.

Now, here‘s some common sense that works without fail every time: “The easiest way to cut costs is to stop doing the things you are not required to do.” So stated Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes in a letter to the Hamilton County Commissioners, published yesterday at the Cincinnati Beacon. Responding to the commissioners’ written request for his reaction to lists of possible cost-saving ideas, Mr. Rhodes was critical of unnecessary “feel good” projects and other nonessential spending: free police service to selected areas, emergency sirens purchased for selected communities, development of Cincinnati’s waterfront, employee tuition reimbursement, excessive costs ($12+ million over 6 years) for outside counsel, etc.

We’re all painfully aware of Norwood‘s rocky financial ride over the last 6+ years. Certainly our own elected officials know a thing or two about the good, the bad, and the ugly of trying to save costs. Maybe Todd Portune should copy the commissioners’ letter to a few of them.