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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May COW meeting police clips on You Tube

Not only did two Norwood police officers attend the meeting and urge residents to “Call the police!” (see Bessie‘s May COW report below), they also shared some great information about patrols, beats, statistics, Block Watch, etc. Clip C features Norwood resident Casey Brown talking with the officers about the South Norwood problems her husband described in his April letter to council.

We’re really pleased Councilperson Vic Schneider intervened at the April 24 council meeting to get Mr. Brown’s letter read aloud and into the record. Had he not gotten a vote to override the clerk of council’s decision to omit the letter from the agenda, the police officers would likely not have been invited to make their public presentation at the COW meeting, and that, in our opinion, would have been a loss to residents. Thumbs up to Brigid Kelly and Keith Moore for supporting this in April, and thumbs down to John Mumper and Joe Sanker for not quickly grasping the value to the community.

Clip A

Clip B

Clip C Casey Brown

5/11/07 CORRECTION: Thanks to a commenter’s scathing “thumbs down” critique of this blog, we’ve taken a closer look and see that we are guilty of confusion by merging the council events surrounding Tom Brown’s and his wife Casey Brown’s letters into a partially inaccurate 2nd paragraph above. We apologize to our readers.

First off, Mr. Schneider made a request, (not a motion after careful review of the meeting tape), to add Casey Brown’s letter regarding Senate Bill 117 to the April 24 meeting motion to amend the agenda, not her husband’s earlier letter to council regarding South Norwood problems, which did appear on the 4/10/07 council agenda. That action is why we are pleased with Mr. Schneider, and our thumbs down for Mr. Mumper and Mr. Sanker are for their remarks during that meeting.

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5/12/07, 7:45 a.m., UPDATE:
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