Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Norwood residents oppose NCS renewal levy. Is COAST undercover…again?

In today’s evenhanded Enquirer article about the Norwood School District’s $1.7 million renewal levy on next Tuesday’s ballot, two Norwood residents speak out against the levy. One of the two, Ed Casagrande, is a former local BOE member from the 1990’s and a current COAST board member, according to a 4/2/07 COAST press release at Certainly, it’s his choice to disclose his COAST affililiation to the media or not, but we find it more than a little interesting that the opportunity wasn’t taken to publicize the considerable COAST anti-tax name in conjunction with his anti-renewal levy position. Is this another example of COAST trying to operate under the radar…again? (See 4/29/07 "Anti-Tax Candidates..." blog below.)