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Friday, May 18, 2007

ACTION ALERT: SB 117 still needs serious work!

Back on April 19, we blogged about the fact that Ohio Senate Bill 117, as written, could spell the end of all local cable programming as we know it. Five days later on April 24, Norwood City Council passed a resolution opposing it. Following is an update on S.B. 117 we just received from Local Voice Ohio. We hope everyone reading this will click on the link to their Action Page and fill out the user-friendly email/fax form to let Representative Tyrone Yates know the 10 serious problems that need to be addressed before the bill is voted on by the House of Representatives. And don’t forget to forward it on to your friends and family members so they can take action, too:

On May 9th the Ohio Senate passed SB 117. Through the hard work of members of the Senate Energy & Public Utilities Committee, local governments, PEG Access supporters, consumer interest groups, the citizens of our state and groups like Local Voice Ohio, SB 117, as passed in the Senate, was an improvement over the bill as it was introduced in January.

However, the bill still needs serious work if it is to be good for consumers, good for communities and good for Ohio.

Now that the bill has moved over to the Ohio House, we need you to make your voice heard once again if we are to be able to fix this dog of a bill.

Please go to the Local Voice Ohio Action Page and use it to let your representative know that SB 117 still needs serious work. Otherwise, he or she should not support it.

Time is short as this bill is being fast-tracked and the whole fight could be over in just a few short weeks. We need you to make your voice heard now. And when you've made your voice heard, please pass this information on to others who want what is best for Ohio so they can make their voice's heard.
Time is running out. Make your voice heard today!!!