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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ohio Senate bill could end all local cable programming

Yes, we mean no more Norwood Community Television

Ohio Senate Bill 117, if passed, could take control of local cable and other video service provider franchise agreements out of the hands of local government and into the hands of the state. State control would almost certainly mean the end of funds, services, programming, facilities or equipment related to local public, government, and educational access use. Norwood Community Television provides Norwood residents with local information and programming.

What could this potentially mean to you?
- the end of televised government meetings, events and programming including the Norwood Day Parade
- the end of educational programming including student concerts, art show, etc.
- the end of student access, training and productions
- the end of resident public productions
- the end of religious programming

We contacted Senator Eric Kearney’s office yesterday and were told the senator is opposed to this bill. The bill is currently in the Energy & Public Utilities Committee and scheduled for hearing on Tuesday, April 24th. We hope our readers will join us in voicing their concerns by contacting committee members. Senator Kearney’s assistant said phone calls are more effective than emails, but do email if you can’t call:

Senator Robert Schuler - 614/466-9737 -
Senator Steve Buehrer - 614/466-8150 -
Senator Kevin Coughlin - 614/466-4823 -
Senator Jeff Jacobson - 614/466-4538 -
Senator Tom Niehaus - 614/466-8082 -
Senator Robert Spada - 614/466-8056 -
Senator Ray Miller - 614/466-5131 -
Senator Lace Mason - 614/466-4583 -
Senator Jason Wilson - 614/466-6508 -

We'll post updates on this bill as we have them.