Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We love to publish community-wide event info!

A recent visitor to our site left this comment: “Thanks for providing not only a forum for residents to discuss issues but also for supplying information about community events. This site is just what Norwood needs.” While not everyone may agree with the latter sentiment, unless Norwood gets a local newspaper so many of us long for, we are happy to continue using our blog for announcements of community-wide interest. We appreciate all of our readers who have sent us event notices, and we invite any and all who’d like a little extra publicity for a future local event to email the info to us at so we can publish it.

We’re pleased to see our city council members are having serious discussions about how to produce a periodic, cost-effective newsletter that would keep residents informed about city projects, changes in services, new ordinances, etc. They’re taking a look at how other communities are effectively tackling the challenge of spreading the word about actions local government takes that residents need to know about. Hooray!

And now for a little nagging. Have you written your online note yet in support of funding for new playground equipment at Burwood Park? So far, and this is really cool, 80 Norwood residents have logged their comments at My Hometown Helper, which demonstrates a whole lot of helping on this project. We’ve been told a decision about the award will be made next month, and as a dear friend named Tired Reggie always says, “The clock is ticking, and it’s later than you think.” How about writing your note today?