Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, March 30, 2007

NCS Levy Committee letter to Norwood Parents

Several days ago, Larry Parker, Treasurer of the NCS Levy Committee and also a teacher at Norwood High School, sent a letter to parents and guardians of NCS students promoting the upcoming $1.7 million levy renewal on the May 8 ballot. We are publishing the letter for informational purposes only to benefit our readers who will not be receiving it.

In his letter, Mr. Parker states, “We need your support - and VOTE - at the polls to ensure the Norwood schools continue to grow, attract and keep good staff members, and draw young families to our community.” We wonder what Mr. Parker means by “ensure the Norwood schools continue to grow.“ If he’s referring to growth in total student enrollment, we’d be very interested in knowing about any data that would support such a statement, since all published enrollment stats we’ve seen have shown yearly decline for many years. If he isn't talking about enrollment, just how are Norwood schools continuing to grow?