Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NCS rates Continuous Improvement again on LRC

The 2008-2009 Local Report Cards results on the Ohio Department of Education website show the Norwood City School District is, once again, rated in Continuous Improvement category again where it has been for many years. Click here to see the CI results for the NCS District, and click here to view the individual results for our 6 schools buildings.

This year, Sharpburg Elementary dropped back to Effective from last year’s Excellent rating; Norwood View and Williams Elementaries have dropped from Effective to Continuous Improvement; Sharpsburg Elementary has dropped to Effective from Excellent; Allison Elementary and Norwood Middle School maintained the Continuous Improve rating from last year; and Norwood High School maintained its Effective rating from last year.

Why the decline in our school buildings’ ratings? What should our new NCS Superintendent Rob Amodio do to turn them around?