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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Steve Thornbury: Update on the City Auditor position

The Norwood Republican Central Committee is meeting Monday evening, December 17, 2007 to name a replacement for the remainder of the current term of the Auditor’s position. The person appointed will serve-out the remaining term which ends on December 31 of this year. This is being done to satisfy the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code 733.31 (D) (2) which states:

“(2) Not less than five nor more than forty-five days after a vacancy occurs, the county central committee, acting through its members who reside in the city where the vacancy occurs, shall meet for the purpose of making an appointment. Not less than four days before the date of the meeting the chairman or secretary of the central committee shall send by first class mail to every member of such central committee who resides in the city where the vacancy occurs a written notice which shall state the time and place of such meeting and the purpose thereof. A majority of the members of the central committee present at such meeting may make the appointment.”

The vacancy occurred on November 6 when the current Auditor, Donnie R. Jones, submitted a letter to the Hamilton County Board of Elections resigning his current position. At the same time this letter was submitted, the Auditor also submitted a letter to the BOE stating his intention of resigning his elected position which is to begin on January 1, 2008. As of today, December 15, there has been no further action that I am aware of on the part of Mr. Jones in regards to the status of his elected position.

- Steve Thornbury
Chair, Norwood Republican Central Committee

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