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Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Tour a memorable experience for Norwood students

We want to thank Glenna Edwards for sending us this wonderful blog describing the great time Norwood students had on their Summer Tour:

Isn’t it wonderful when a great idea turns into reality? That’s what happened when Laura Ferguson, 21st Century Community Learning Center After School Program Coordinator, had the idea that middle and high school students would benefit from an enrichment tour of the Cincinnati area this summer. She contacted Live It Like You Mean It (LILYMI) to help organize the activities, coordinate with area attractions, and provide camp leaders. Together, Summer Tour was created and became a reality for Norwood teenagers.

Summer Tour ran from June 28 through July 22. There was a middle school group and a high school group. Students learned the fascinating life of Harry Delos Andrews, creator of the historic Loveland Castle. They learned about the Underground Railroad at the Freedom Center. Students enjoyed a guided tour of both Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals) and the Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati Reds). “I liked the Bengals Press Box,“ said David Highland, NMS 8th grader.

Molly Elliot, a Junior at NHS, said, “My favorite part was seeing stuff people usually don't see like behind the scenes at Paul Brown Stadium. Sunrock Farm was my favorite place.”

From atop the Carew Tower, students pointed out the three states of the tri-state and could just make out their hometown, Norwood, by following the highway in the distance. Students experienced farming at Sunrock Farm by feeding and milking goats, holding baby chicks and catching tadpoles in the creek. At the Fire Museum, they learned that Cincinnati had the first paid firemen in the country and they learned what “contemporary” (living artists) means at the Contemporary Arts Center downtown. Chris Perkins, a 7th grader, said, “I liked all the hands-on stuff that kept me busy.”

Students were wowed by the Omnimax Theater in the Museum Center, saw how a radio station (91.7 WVXU) works and got to pretend to forecast the weather in Local Channel 12’s Studio One. Sara Isaac, a 9th grader, said, “My favorite parts were the Omnimax Theater, I'd never seen a screen that big, and Loveland Castle's tour was neat.”

Linda Brenner, an 8th grader, said her favorite part was “the Natural History Museum, especially the caves there.” Shelby Kohler, an 8th grader, said, “Channel 12 was my favorite. I got to see how green screens and cameras work.”

When asked if the tour helped you get to know Cincinnati better, Sydney Elliot, a 10th grader responded, “Yes, it took me to multiple places I’d never been.” Summer Tour was a fantastic opportunity to expand the knowledge of young people in our community. A great idea turned into a memorable summer experience for Norwood students!