Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Norwood voters pass 9.48 mil school levy

Here are the results of the yesterday’s vote on Norwood City Schools' Substitute Levy:

For: 1,151 (62.1%)

Against: 703 (37.9%)

This past February, Superintendent Rob Amodio described the 9.48 mil levy in a guest blog:

"The second course of action taken by the district has been to place a Substitute Levy on the ballot for May 4, 2010. The Substitute Levy is the combination of the two existing and soon to be expiring Emergency Levies and does not increase your taxes. The levies combined generate approximately $4,200,000 in tax revenue for the school district. The Substitute Levy will be an ongoing levy and will not have to be voted on every five years as required by law for an Emergency Levy. By making the levies ongoing it will save election and preparation costs going forward. But more importantly, the district’s financial base will be more solid and programs for children more stable."