Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Norwood skinhead arrested in brutal beating of homeless man

According to the Enquirer, Michael Hesson, 24 of Norwood, and 3 Army members have been charged with felonious assault for brutally beating a homeless man with a with pipes and bats. Hesson and 1 of the Army members have been arrested; warrants are out for the other 2. After a night of drinking, the 4 men decided they wanted to beat up a homeless man believing they would be less likely to be caught. However, the victim, John Johnson, 52, went public about the attack 2 weeks later, and that resulted in police receiving tips from the public that led to the arrests. Mr. Johson said that during the beating, his attackers called him a “bum, lazy, no good” and that he should get a job.

Michael Hesson reportedly told the police the 4 suspects are skinheads, though he is “a skinhead because of the fashion statement, but he’s not violent like some others associated with the skinhead movement.” He's not violent? We're speechless.