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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wanted: public input on draft of Disturbing the Peace Ordinance

Guest blog by Casey Brown

My name is Casey Brown and I am the Clerk of Council for the City of Norwood. Council has recently discussed at their Committee of the Whole Ordinance 509.09, entitled Disturbing the Peace. With input from citizens and all council members, they have totally re-written this section of Norwood Ordinances. Council had the first reading of this ordinance on April 13th. That action allows for time for residents to comment on the content of the ordinance.

Council would like your input on this draft ordinance, as it affects all residents. Click here to read the entire re-written ordinance, posted as council is considering it, on the City of Norwood’s website, Norwood City Council online, under the Ordinances link, or click here if you would like to read a paragraph by paragraph comparison of the current vs. the proposed ordinance. You can also stop in to the Clerk of Council’s office from 8:30-3:00, or call Caroline Schirmer at 458-4594 to obtain a copy of this draft ordinance.

Please send your comments to the Clerk of Council office via email at or you may contact your councilperson directly on the City of Norwood's website, Norwood City Council Online page, "Contact Council" link. A link to the city website is provided in the right hand margin of this CBN blog. Please comment, if you would like to, as soon as possible; council may be considering this ordinance for its final reading by their first Tuesday meeting in May.

Casey Brown
Clerk of Council
City of Norwood