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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Upcoming book to showcase Norwood's "true grit" after GM closing

Guest blog by Vicki Clark

A book is being written about Norwood GM workers and the plant’s history. The author, Phil Borris, is looking for individuals who will share their stories. He wants to hear from the “guys on the line.” He wants to hear their funny stories, true stories and anything they would like to share. This book is intended to tell the story of the contributions made by Norwood workers and to show the “true grit” of Norwood and its survival and success since the closing.

Phil is planning to attend the Norwood Historical Society’s May 8th meeting at 2 p.m. at McCullough House at the Lindner Nature Preserve, where the topic of the meeting is GM History.

Phil is willing to travel to interview individuals as well. You can reach Phil Borris at (740) 649-3766 or call me @ Norwood Star (513) 607-8537 and I will contact him and have him return your call.

Vicki Clark
Norwood Star