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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Campaign to stop EPA’s plan for Hilton Davis cleanup

Last month, we posted this blog about the Ohio EPA’s proposed plan to clean up the toxic waste at the Hilton Davis site on Langdon Farm Road in Pleasant Ridge. The property abuts our own Fenwick Park. The EPA’s proposal is under fire by the Pleasant Ridge Community Council and others for being inadequate. If allowed to go forward, it will merely entomb the toxic waste under a think layer of soil instead undertaking a thorough clean up. At tonight’s City Council meeting, members will be voting on a resolution opposing the EPA’s “statement of basis for corrective measures for Hilton Davis.”

Casey Brown sent us the following email from the Pleasant Ridge Community Council’s Hilton Davis Committee asking concerned citizens to send letters and emails objecting to the plan:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As promised, we are sending key points to help you write a letter ormessage about Hilton Davis to the Ohio EPA. If you have not done soalready, we urge you to write a letter and send it AND email it to the Ohio EPA (copied to Gov. Strickland and the PRCC) by March 26; there are some"talking points" below to help you draft a letter. If you are very pressedfor time, then please - at the very least - just copy the text below, paste into an email message and send it to the EPA (copied to Gov. Strickland and the PRCC).

We would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this message to at least one other neighbor or friend and ask that they write a letter/message, too, and pass it along.

You may not realize it, but your action right now to write a letter/message to the Ohio EPA is so important to the 25-year effort to clean up Hilton Davis. In advance, thank you for doing it.

Julie Olberding
PRCC Hilton Davis Committee

Click here for suggested content for letters and emails and for all letter/email contact information.