Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tom White: Public Works ready, set to go on tomorrow’s snow

Tom White, Director of Norwood's Public Works Department, told us earlier this morning there will be 6 snow trucks in service early tomorrow morning treating our streets and plowing the 2-4 inches of snow predicted. That’s 1 snow truck more than in previous years because a small street truck has been converted to address dead end streets and narrow streets like Cleveland Ave. as well as the water tower on Indian Mound and Pig Tail Alley off Laura Lane. Truck drivers will have specific routes tomorrow, but the sequence as always is to clear main thoroughfares like the Lateral and Montgomery and Smith Rds. first, followed by steep streets like Marion, Forest, Buxton, etc. in North Norwood, and then all secondary streets.

Currently there are 300 tons of salt on hand with 200 more tons on order. With the recent conversion of the old transfer station into a salt barn, the City can now store between 400 to 500 tons of salt completely under cover.

Tom White asks that residents with driveways park their cars off the street if at possible so the trucks can do a thorough job of plowing. He assured us all the streets will be plowed and treated tomorrow, so maybe we can all try to exercise a little patience and not bombard Public Works with phone calls about service.