Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupendous! 3rd Wright-Patt robbery thwarted this morning

Thanks to an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, a bank teller, community members and a Norwood police officer, a man attempting to rob the Wright-Patterson Credit Union on Lafayette Ave. was stopped just a minute or two latter with a full bag of cash. After ignoring the deputy’s request that he remove his knit cap, the suspect went past him directly to the teller with a note the bank was being robbed. According to the NPD’s Lt. Tom Williams, the teller then shouted to the deputy, “Hey, this is our guy.”

A struggle between the deputy and suspect ensued in which the would-be robber lost his coat and shirt before running bare-chested into the below-freezing air where alert residents pointed the police officer responding to the teller’s 911 call to direction the suspect was running. He was arrested 1 block away at the corner of Ashland and Washington Avenues, apparently without further incident. The police don’t yet know if this suspect also robbed Wright-Patt on two other occasions recently.

Lt. Williams told the Enquirer, “We are very proud.” Yes, and we are all very proud of you and everyone else involved in bringing down this thug. Now, who among us thinks today’s catch was going for a third robbery at Wright-Patt?