Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Council votes 5 to 2 against St. Aloysius

At tonight's City Council meeting following an hour and fifteen minutes of discussion, Council had the 3rd reading of the St. Aloysius School Ordinance and then voted against it. Voting against the measure were Keith Moore, Michael Gabbard, John Mumper, Joe Sanker, and Chuck Barlow. Voting in favor were Steve Thornbury and Victor Schneider.

Early on, St. Aloysius’ attorney Joe Trauth and COO Joan Tumblison answered a range of questions posed by council members. There were inquiries about whether or not faculty and staff carry weapons (no), about plans for a sprinkler system (yes), about police calls to the current location (average twice per month), about whether other schools had been considered (yes, many), etc. Mr. Moore asked the attorney a number questions about his position on the current zoning, after which each council member and Mayor Williams weighed in on the various factors that have influenced his position on the issue. Most of the members who voted against the ordinance spoke in terms of the public sentiment against the school and their own commitment to have their votes reflect what they believe is in the best interests of the City.

3/11/09 UPDATE:
Today’s Enquirer article about Council’ s vote quotes Joan Tumblison: “I’m disappointed. We’ll just have to find another place.” Dan Reitz, attorney for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati said the archdiocese “would consider its options, including filing a lawsuit against Norwood.”