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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guest blog: Victor Schneider explains that annoying plane

Several weeks ago, some of our readers commented about a noisy plane that frequently flies over parts of our community and speculated about its source. We want to thank Councilperson Victor Schneider for getting on the case and solving the mystery of the plane for us. Following is his guest blog:

I just spoke to the Staff Lieutenant of the State Highway Patrol Post in Lebanon about the plane that buzzes over our houses doing circles. This plane is being used as part of the TRIAD program. TRIAD is the acronym for "Targeting Reckless, Intimidating and Aggressive Drivers". They are working to decrease the amount of major traffic accidents and ultimately traffic-related fatalities. The most effective way is with the "eye in the sky". They aren't just checking speed. They are looking for the tailgaters and improper lane changers as well as the people that leave the house 20 minutes later then they should have and try to make the time up on the highway. Basically the people that all the good drivers are trying to avoid.

I don't have exact statistics for 2008, but for 2007 Hamilton County had the third most fatal crashes of all Ohio Counties, 62 deaths. Over the previous 4 years (prior to 2007) Hamilton County had nearly 145,00 traffic crashes. There have been 238 fatal crashes resulting in 259 deaths in the past four years on Hamilton County Roads.

I hate the noise pollution but after getting to understand the process and what is taking place I am more comfortable with the noise. As I understand it they work this in 2 hour segments or about the amount of time the plane can stay up on a tank of fuel.

Anyone with questions about what the plane is doing buzzing around in circles can email me at

Victor Schneider
Council at Large
City of Norwood