Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Residents & students protesting Burwood Pool closing

Residents and parents both in and near Norwood have banded together in a concerted effort to keep Burwood Park pool open. In March, we published this 2/25/08 letter from the Norwood Recreation Commissioners to Norwood City Council announcing the pool closing. According to one of the group’s organizers, there are 5 “Please Help Us Save Our Pool” petitions circulating in a local door-to-door campaign that started this past Sunday. In just a few days, approximately 300 signatures total have been collected. Additionally, some highly motivated children are circulating their own petition at one of our schools.

The organizers and the children will be presenting their signed petitions to the Recreation Commissioners at their monthly meeting next Wednesday, April 16, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center, 1810 Courtland Avenue. A number of the group and others plan to address the Commissioners about the issue. According to the Recreation Commission office this morning, Monday, April 14 is the deadline to turn in registration forms to speak at the meeting.

Following is the petition. If you would like to sign it, please email and arrangements will be made to get your signature.

Please Help Save Our Pool
Burwood swimming pool is a small neighborhood pool that is open to all Norwood citizens and their children. The pool is not located on the main drag, like Victory Pool, nor is it supersized with water slides and snack bars, like Waterworks Pool. Instead, Burwood is tiny, nestled in a quiet park setting, perfect for families and, really, for anyone who just wants to relax by the pool on a June or July afternoon. In addition, Burwood is affordable to most families, at 2.00/person a day, as compared to 6.00/person at Waterworks. Burwood, while small, is a vital resource for our children; it provides an outlet for safe, supervised, fun and exercise during the hottest days of summer. The atmosphere at Burwood is family oriented and lends to an environment in which all who visit feel welcomed and safe in a way that no other Norwood pool can. In addition to swimming and a small playground, a number of parents also provide daily arts and crafts opportunities, snacks, and supervision for all of those who attend. The City of Norwood wants to close this pool! Please help us save it—there really is no place like it—come and see!! Thank You!

4/11/08 UPDATE: Yesterday, the door-to-door petition campaign gathered approximately 150 more signatures. That brings the total number of signatures collected up to about 450 with 5 days left for canvassing before next Wednesday's Rec. Commission meeting. One of the organizers tells us a number of residents were unaware of the pool closing prior to being approached with the petition and that most went ahead and quickly signed it.