Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, January 25, 2008

Xavier Newswire: Local leaders leery of XU

The January 16th edition of the Xavier Newswire has the first of a two-part series investigating the university’s relationship with local communities. Xavier’s Community Building Institute, which helps build relationships with local communities, including Norwood, Evanston and North Avondale, has sought input from community members regarding the types of businesses they would like to see at the proposed Xavier Square development. Local leaders Bill Graff of the West Norwood Neighborhood Association and former councilperson and restaurant owner Will DeLuca are quoted in the article.

There are two other interesting articles on the Newswire’s front page. One has more detail about the Zumbiel implosion delay; the other is an update on the discrimination lawsuit filed by two female professors and includes Xavier’s Internal Report on the matter.