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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Keith Moore's Development News Roundup

A new regular feature

The latest good news is that Seek Research worked out the parking issues with the Zoning Board for the building they recently purchased at 2368 Norwood Avenue. The building has been apartments. The previous owner spent a huge amount of time and money making repairs to the building but has been frustrated on a number of fronts. Seek Research, a market research firm, will be moving to Norwood from Covington, Kentucky.

Schoolhouse Outfitters moved here a few years ago and has been a tremendous success story. Schoolhouse Outfitters will be moving from the current location on Franklin to a much larger building on Regent in order to accommodate their tremendous growth.

For those who don't know, the local operators of Gold's Gym have decided to end their association with Gold's, and will now be operating under the name Urban Active Fitness. The new Urban Active signs to that effect should be up at Cornerstone very soon. The Community Development Committee has been working with Urban Active on the best signage approach. And we did bring up the issue of putting Norwood on their marketing materials.

One of the issues that arose was the new Sign Code passed last year. The new Code reduces the amount of signage a business can put up. It was 2 or 3 square feet (depending on type of business) for every foot of frontage. Now, it is 1 square foot for every foot of frontage.

Cornerstone and Rookwood were built under the old Code, so new signs, including replacement signs (like Hallmark and Urban Active) have to be under the new Code. As a result, the businesses need to seek a variance from the Zoning Board to put up a new sign as large as the old sign.

In any event, the Urban Active sign will, I think, be an improvement, as the bright yellow neon from Gold's was a little too "retail" for a class A office building.

Keith Moore
Norwood City Council - Ward 1
Chair, Community Development Committee