Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, October 26, 2007

Good news: Former Norwood dairy to make skin-care gel

A 65-year-old Polish immigrant/biochemist, Dr. Piotr Chomcsynski, will soon be manufacturing a skin-care product on the site of the former Kasemeyer Dairy at the corner of Carthage Ave. and Dale Road. His company, Cinna Health Products, produces Noredol, a non-prescription ointment Dr. Chomcsynki developed to reduce the redness and blemishes from the skin condition rosacea. Immigrating to the United States in 1986, he took a position at U.C.’s College of Medicine and has earned international recognition for his work in genetic research. Norwood officials are very pleased that this “non-polluting, low-impact business” won’t disturb nearby residents. Opening next spring, the new plant will employ 20 workers.