Citizens For A Better Norwood

Monday, October 22, 2007

Candidate blog series: Mayoral candidate Alfred Boehme

Alfred 'Al' Boehme
Candidate for Mayor
City of Norwood

In a nut shell: I moved to Norwood at age 12 with my grandmother and younger brother Harold. I attended Williams Ave School and Norwood High School. I served in the US army and US navy reserves. I have fond memories of a more gentle time while growing up in the city of Norwood.

I remember in the 1950's Norwood had more industry for its size than any other city in the world. Our large industrial base gave us security, low taxes and excellent city services. On a Friday night the sidewalks were crowded on Montgomery Road, and sometimes one had to walk in the street. Both movie houses were packed, restaurants full, window shoppers galore, and men would go to the bars for a refreshing cold drink to meet their neighbors or friends from work to reward themselves for a hard week of work at one of the local factories.

Wow! How times have changed. Our industrial base is gone, our jobs went to other countries, their people are coming here (legally and illegally) taking our remaining jobs. Dangerous products are flooding our market, the crime rate is through the roof, and the city has experienced its worst financial situation since the depression.

We, as residents, are finding it harder to manage paying our rent and mortgage payments, filling our gas tanks, stretching our food dollars, and trying to find a little spending money. As a possible future mayor I, along with council and other city officers, cannot correct the larger national and international issues, but we can sure have a positive effect on our local issues and way of life.

1. Continue the 'belt tightening' policies of the previous administrations and get these roads fixed now!
2. Make wise decisions before large ticket items spending.
3. Stream line our building department and public works.
4. Maintain the high rating of our police and fire departments.
5. Chase common criminals out of our city.
6. Encourage slow, thought-out planned development of our lost industrial and blighted areas.
7. Education: Let’s raise our graduation rate and lower the drop out rate.
8. Move out the disruptive students along with their parents; that's where the problem lies.
9. Put pride back in the school system.
10.Taxes: Get financially stable and then lower or eliminate Norwood's share of the county tax if possible.
11. Pride: Change the negative image that others have of our community, and set up a volunteer committee for those that wish to help.

There are many wonderful, caring residents and city employees who have the best interests of Norwood in their hearts. So do I, as well as those around me. My brother and his wife and my 2 daughters are all property owners in Norwood and care about our community. Do You? I ask, what have you done for your community? What have I done for my community? I have been a volunteer on the Zoning Board of Appeals for 10 years and donated my salary back to the city during the time we were paid. During the remodeling of the Police Sub station, I volunteered many hours installing new electric and soliciting material donations from area businesses. I worked with others to clean up at the community center and around the city. I attended many seminars at my expense that benefited the city in my capacity as a BZA member. I am also a volunteer member for the American Legion.

I have past experience as a business owner of a residential electrical wiring company for almost 40 years, a real estate agent in Norwood for 10 years, former Vice President of America Health Tech, maintenance supervisor for a 170-unit apartment complex in Sharonville. And many trade schools too numerous to list.

Please get involved and help make our city return to the fine community it once was.

I need your help and your vote to accomplish the above.
Please vote 'Boehme for Mayor' on November 6th.
Time for a change.
Thanks to CBN for its community service.