Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mayor Williams wants $700,000 from 8-mill levy earmarked

The Enquirer reports that Mayor Williams wants to earmark $700,000 of the proposed 8-mill, five-year, renewal levy that council will be discussing at 3 special meetings we announced in the blog directly below. Under his plan, $400,000 would committed to street repairs, $200,000 for capital improvement, and $100,000 for a reserve fund. That would leave $1 million of the levy’s total annual revenue for the general fund. Councilperson and Finance Committee Chair Joe Sanker supports the proposal. Councilperson Vic Schneider isn’t sure the city can legally commit the tax revenues to specific funds. He favors a new levy on the ballot that would reflect current property values.

The article states that only two special council meetings have been scheduled. We just reconfirmed with the clerk of council's office that the schedule directly below is correct.