Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And what a Norwood Day Parade it was!

As far as we’re concerned, everybody in the parade and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this event as wonderful as it was should get an award, and that includes the emcees Donna Laake and B105 FM’s Amanda Orlando. But there are only 7 trophies to go around, and this year they went to:

1.) President’s Trophy: United Dairy Farmers
2.) Board of Director’s Trophy: LuAnn’s Hair Beautique
3.) Erin McNeal Trophy: Grace United Methodist Church
4.) Judges’ Choice Trophy: Growing Place Church
5.) Musical Trophy: Star Strutters Baton Corp.
6. ) 1st Place $500: Norwood Business and Professional Women
7.) 2nd Place $250: Green’s Flower Shoppe

Congratulations, everyone!