Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

S.B. 117 Action Alert: Ohio House vote may come as soon as tomorrow!

As we’ve reported previously, Ohio Senate Bill 117 would take away long standing local control of cable franchises resulting in an uncertain future for funding of public, educational and government (PEG) access channels. Control over funding will be in the hands of the Ohio Department of Commerce, an organization whose mission is to promote commerce, not the public interest. The future of Norwood Community Television will depend upon a "use it or lose it standard," rather than having it available for community, government and educational purposes when the community needs it.

S.B. 117 is expected to be out of committee this Wednesday. It could be voted on as early as Wednesday, but probably Thursday. Here are two easy ways Local Voice Ohio has provided to let Ohio State Reps. know how we feel about this bill:

1.) Contact the members of the House Public Utilities Committee today on this list, and let them know the following:
a.) Substitute Bill SB 117 does not make cities whole and needs serious amending.
b.) Ask them to support all of the amendments proposed by Local Voice Ohio and other coalition members which will make the bill one you can support.
c.) Let them know that Local Voice Ohio speaks for you on substitute bill SB 117.

2.) Click here for the Local Voice Ohio Action Page, where you can very quickly send an email and a fax to our House Rep. Tyrone Yates opposing the bill.