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Friday, June 08, 2007

Just in: Local Voice Ohio urges weekend calls/emails on S.B. 117

Below is an email we just received from Local Voice Ohio updating the status of Senate Bill 117 and urgently asking for our help over the weekend:

Dear Friends,

All the good work that you have put forth on SB 117 may be being undone as we speak in the halls of the Columbus Statehouse.

At last word, a deal had been struck between AT&T and the Governor's office on amending SB 117. The problem is, many areas of the public interest have been left out including:

1. Unconstitutional contract opt-out by cable companies

2. Meaningful customer service standards
3. Keep cities whole on franchise fees
4. Reasonable audit standards for monitoring cable companies
5. Preservation of PEG Access as we know it
6. Maintaining local institutional networks and free service for schools.

We need YOU one last time to call the members of the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee, the Governor and your Representative with the message attached to this phone list.

Then we need you to go to the LVO Action Page and send a fax/e-mail to the committee, the governor and your representative.

We need you now more than ever.

Make those calls this weekend!
Send those messages this weekend!

If not YOU, then who?
If not NOW, then when?