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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hometown hero Spc. Brandon Rork saves lives and his base

He says, “but I was just doing my job”

Today’s Enquirer recounts the dramatic story of how 24-year-old NHS graduate Spc. Brandon Rork saved Patrol Base Warrior Keep in Iraq and possibly every soldier in it from being blown to smithereens this past Sunday. Spotting a suspicious looking truck, he and a fellow soldier opened fire. It turned out the Iraqi driver was on a suicide mission, and the truck was loaded with 8,000 pounds of explosives. It’s hard to imagine these split-second, life or death decisions our soldiers have to make, but it certainly brings it into sharper focus when it’s one of our own averting disaster. We certainly join Spc. Rork's family, friends, and fellow surviving soldiers in celebrating his remarkable heroic deed.