Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ch 12: NCS parents worry about crossing guard cuts

The result of the City cutting funding for school crossing guards last year is that Norwood Schools is operating for the first time without any paid crossing guards. According to this Channel 12 report, Norwood parents are deeply concerned that the budget cuts are responsible for 2 children that have been by cars on their way to or from school.

Superintendent Rob Amodio told Channel 12 he’s been able so far to recruit 3 volunteer crossing guards and some teachers, “and we’re providing training, vests, stop signs, so we have people that are very dedicated,” but admits he could use four times the help.

That help is coming in the form of resident Charlie Jones, who says he's got family and friends working to help him with a fundraiser cook out. "If everyone around here would drop a dollar we'd have it covered." He says if parents want to join in the fundraiser to try to get paid guards ...he'd contact some restaurants about food donations but thinks the long term solution will be getting more parents to volunteer.

A Facebook page is set up for the fundraiser called "For the safety of all our children." Parents who want to be volunteer crossing guards should contact the NCS school board office.