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Friday, July 08, 2011

Energy Alliance's program helps homeowners with energy improvements

Chris Graves with Powers Agency asked us to publish the following press release:

For a limited time, the non-profit Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is offering homeowners in Hamilton, Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties a three-to-five hour assessment of their home’s potential energy inefficiencies for just $50. The normal cost of that review – which includes an in-depth examination of a home’s heating and air conditioning systems - would run between $300 and $400.

The Energy Alliance will also pay for 35% worth of energy improvements. That means that a qualifying homeowner would spend just $3,300 for a $5,000 in improvements. The Energy Alliance would pay the remaining $1,700. In addition, the $50 assessment fee is completely reimbursable when a homeowner invests in an energy improvement.

Low-interest financing is also available through the Energy Alliance’s GC-HELP loan program which includes a 15% incentive toward home energy improvements. GC-HELP is a 6.99% unsecured loan of up to 10 years that has the ability to generate savings which can meet or exceed loan payments. Thanks to a partnership with Kentucky Home Performance, Kentucky residents can benefit from a reduced 3.99% interest rate through August 31st.

“It doesn’t matter if a home is five years old or 105 years old, there are cost effective energy upgrades in almost every home we've ever looked at," says Andy Holzhauser, GCEA's executive director. "It's our job to make the process easy and more affordable for everyone in our community.’’

The average home energy improvement is estimated to save the homeowner 20 percent or more on monthly energy bills, he said.

The Energy Alliance takes the guess work out of finding contractors, as well. They work with local contractors trained to find affordable and environmentally sustainable ways to retrofit homes.

There are no income restrictions for the program. Click here to find how much you could save and to schedule as assessment go to

Click here for a fact sheet about the program.