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Friday, March 04, 2011

Norwood Community Coalition needs our help!

Guest blog by Deb Robison

It is hard to believe, but it is time for us to begin the process of writing the application to be considered for the 100 Best Communities for Young People in America award for 2011. It was a great honor for us to receive the award last year, but as you can imagine, the bar is even higher. The Norwood Community Coalition is beginning to work on the application. We need your help! The application consists of several sections that we must demonstrate where as a community we have addressed the following five promises:

Caring Adults All children need support and guidance from caring adults in their families, at schools and in their communities. These include ongoing, secure relationships with parents as well as formal and informal relationships with teachers, mentors, coaches, youth volunteers and neighbors.

Safe Places All children need to be physically and emotionally safe wherever they are — from the actual places of families, schools, neighborhoods and communities to the virtual places of media. They also need a healthy balance between structured, supervised activities and unstructured time.

Healthy Start All children need and deserve healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthful habits. These result from regular health check-ups and needed treatment, good nutrition and exercise, healthy skills and knowledge, and good role models of physical and psychological health.

Effective Education All children need the intellectual development, motivation and skills that equip them for successful work and lifelong learning. These result from having quality learning environments, challenging expectations and consistent guidance and mentoring.

Opportunity for youth to help others All children need the chance to make a difference in their families, at schools and in their communities. Knowing how to make a difference comes from having models of caring behavior, awareness of the needs of others, a sense of personal responsibility to contribute to the larger society, and opportunities for volunteering, leadership and service.

Additionally, there are sections regarding how the community prioritizes youth in policy making and decision making.

If you are aware of any program, initiative or event that might support any of these areas please feel free to send an email with any pertinent information to Deb Robison at or call 924-2768. We are hoping to make this year's application even better than last year's. For more information, please visit the America's Promise Website.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Deb Robison
Family and Children First Coordinator
Norwood Schools
2060 Sherman Ave. Norwood, Ohio 45212