Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cincinnati Blog: Norwood should have been annexed by the City

Griff at Cincinnati Blog posted a blog about our announcement of the slate of Republican candidates yesterday. Here’s what he says about Norwood:

“I don't know anything about Norwood politics or even it's form of government, but I can glean from this listing that they have a combination of at-large and district representation. It is more interesting that they have other city wide offices other than Mayor. Those talking about changing Cincinnati City government structure should look how there's works. Norwood is not known as having a history of good government, so I hope those looks at Norwood are skeptical. Why Norwood still exists is another mystery. They should have been annexed by the City long ago.”

Who wants to tell him annexation by Cincinnati would have to be a ballot issue only Norwood voters can decide…and how unlikely that is? How much of Norwood's government history isn't good?