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Friday, December 18, 2009

Summary of Rec. Commission meeting re Victory Pool

Guest blog by Keith Moore

At the Wednesday night‘s meeting, the Recreation Commission discussed the future of Victory Pool. The pool costs (after deducting revenues) about $8,000 a summer for staff and supplies. Last year (when pool attendance was low across the board due to all the rain), the pool averaged 16 kids per day, other than kids from the Summer Camps.

If the pool is closed, the plan would be to take the Camp kids to Burwood Pool.

Mayor Williams, Safety-Service Director Geers, and Council Members Sanker and Thornbury were also in attendance.

There was an hour-long wide-ranging discussion about a number of issues. A few highlights -

  1. The feeling of the Commission is that they would rather spend that $8000 elsewhere - maybe sprucing up other parks or extending hours at Burwood or at the teen center at Waterworks.
  2. On the other hand, $8000 to offer something to younger children, particularly in West Norwood, might be a wise investment in attracting and keeping school-age children.
  3. The costs are similar to Burwood, but the threatened closing of Burwood produced a great deal of energy and awareness about Burwood pool, which has increased attendance and made that pool a focal point for community activities. Burwood is older and the repairs needed there this winter will be expensive, but the way people have embraced Burwood in the last few years makes it a valuable presence in the neighborhood.
  4. The Rec Commission wants to hear from people - whether Victory is important to them, how to get more people to Victory, and programs that kids are interested in attending.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please let Recreation know (531-9798 or, post on here, or contact me.

Keith D. Moore
Norwood City Council Ward One
Phone: 924-0571