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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exclusive: Deb & Laurel with Xavier’s P.R. Dept. blog, answer questions

Over the past 3 years, our readers and we have enjoyed the support Deb and Laurel with Xavier’s Public Relations Dept. have provided to our blog. They send us all their press releases, which we often publish before they appear in other local media; and they have helped us reach other Xavier officials for stories that we have produced. Deb and Laurel have generously supplied us with information about Xavier’s plans for eventually developing the proposed Xavier Square at the Norwood Plaza and have even kept us up-to-date about special adoption events at SPCA Cincinnati. We cannot thank them enough for their many contributions.

Today, we have a special guest blog below that Deb and Laurel have co-written, and it even includes the opportunity for our readers to ask them questions directly in the comment box that they will answer as they have time.

COMMUNITIES TOGETHER The Evanston Norwood Xavier (ENX) partnership which was so fruitful is being re-energized and resuming work together as a unified community to collaborate on initiatives. On July 17, ENX offered a bus tour for all three communities to get to know one another. The van went to different landmarks in each community, where community members shared places of pride in their community. Norwood residents showed off the UDF factory, what was US Playing Card, and the Norwood Historical Society archives. Evanston shared the Flavor of Arts studio, the King Records initiative, its schools and the new Red Cross location on Dana.

Some projects from the past included learning for young and old. An entrepreneurship group, comprised of Evanston and Norwood 7th and 8th students from Hoffman-Parham School and Norwood Middle School, with the Community Building Institute, the Xavier Entrepreneurship Club, and the Xavier Entrepreneurship Center, met twice per month from February to May. Xavier entrepreneurship students taught students elements of entrepreneurship. Some ENX adult members went through an academy to learn community leadership and organization skills and received certificates upon completion. For more information on ENX, please contact Daria at 745-3263 or

QUESTIONS? Deb and Laurel of Xavier’s Public Relations Department will be happy to try and answer questions Norwood residents may have. They will reply as fast as they can for a 2-person department. Just post the question here. Keep in mind they may have to consult others for the answers.

Deb and Laurel
Xavier University
Public Relations Department