Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Candidate blog series: Ward 4 candidate Todd Tittle (R)

My name is Todd Tittle, candidate for Norwood City Council in Ward 4. For the last 10 years my wife Missy and our four children have enjoyed living in the neighborhood surrounding our home on Warren Avenue. In that time I’ve been active in the Norwood Relay for Life, the Norwood Fireworks Committee, and in serving our church community.

I work in the Information Technology field but have also committed myself to using my skills to help others in both the local and global community, including efforts in developing countries in southern Africa and in our local community. My belief is that your community is what you make it and that when you give back with your time and talents it benefits the city as a whole. As your elected representative I will bring my skills and commitment to community to my job on Norwood City Council.

Over the last several years I have walked the streets, spoken with residents, participated in community events and listened carefully to your concerns about our Ward. I’ve heard you talk about quality of life issues like street repair, sidewalks, safety, parking, traffic, litter and our parks. As a private citizen, I’ve advocated for change and action. As an elected official, I’ll make sure your voice is heard, your concerns are respected and that action is taken

During Council’s evaluation of the Norwood Health Department, I joined the voices of those supporting the continued operation of this valuable department and its critical services. I heard many wonderful stories about how our Health Department helped a loved one, responded to a health-related issue, and generally made our community a better, safer place to live. That is why I stood in support of our Health Department. My opponent instead chose to stifle the voice of the public. Several people I talked to felt he was disrespectful of those who chose to express their concerns. Public input and opinion are an important part of what makes Democracy the greatest political system in the world. It provides each of us the freedom to speak our mind and to vote to make a difference in where we live.

With your vote, I can continue efforts to improve our neighborhood and our city. As your elected representative, I can give you a voice in our great city’s future. As always, feel free to contact me via email at or by phone 631-7268 just to ask a question or voice a concern.

Todd Tittle