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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Candidate blog series: Ward 4 candidate John Mumper (D)

Dear CBN Readers:

I am John Mumper and I am running for re-election to Council Ward Four.

Here are a few comments:

We have brought the City of Norwood back from financial disaster, but there are reasons to believe that this economy and the loss of some of our earnings tax base may cause us to experience some slippage in the next year and a half. We must continue to tightly monitor our expenditures and secure our revenue sources to guarantee that we do not slip back into fiscal trouble. There are no government entities that are currently in better shape that we are, at present, but there is still a threat of the recession hitting us in the near future.

During the past term, Norwood City Council held open meetings to review the expense of maintaining our Norwood Health Department. During these meetings I constantly tried to inform the public that the review of any city department was a function of city council. I emphasized that it was a review. During this review we brought in the Hamilton County Health Commissioner to inform us on the cost of having them provide the service of our health department. At the end of this departmental review council voted to maintain our own health department. These meetings were never intentionally slanted to one side or the other on the question of keeping our health department. This was a review of the health department. We had similar reviews of our Building Department and the 911 Communications Department. We found out during these reviews that these
departments were well run and much better for our city to maintain. I feel that I must set the record straight because of comments arising during this election season.

I promise to continue a careful watch on our City by maintaining a balanced budget and reviewing the city departments and their expenditures.

Please see my Bio below.

  1. Chairman of Committee of the Whole, Active Member of Safety Committee, Finance
  2. Committee and Law and Ordinance Committee.
  3. Prior Council Experience: 1976-77, 1984-85, 2004-present.
  4. Lifelong resident of the 4th Ward.

  1. BSBA in Accounting from Xavier University.with 39+ years experience in accounting.
  2. Currently working for Wayne Coates, Hamilton County Recorder, as his Finance Director.

  1. Past: Norwood Knothole, Norwood YMCA, Norwood Bi-Centennial Committee
  2. Present: Norwood Day Parade, Holy Trinity Festival, Variety Players, Men's Club and Building & Grounds.

Family Man:
Married to Kathy (Dettmer) 39 years. We have been blessed with 6 children and 11 grandchildren, most currently residing in the City of Norwood.

Real Results:
  1. Active member of Finance Committee that maintained city services during three years of negative cash flow brought on by past Administrations.
  2. Instrumental in obtaining grant funds for 2009 Hunter Park addition of restrooms.
  3. Linden Pointe development has replaced a 20 year eyesore and will continue to progress. The majority of the first building is now occupied.
  4. Old Kaesemeyer Dairy building, at Carthage and Dale, has been dramatically remodeled for a new Norwood business, Cinna Health Products.
  5. Support aggressive procedures in dealing with absentee landlords and problem properties. We have been responsible for the demolition of 11 “eyesore“ vacant properties, 6 in Ward Four, and continue to pursue more.
  6. Approved the funding of new playground equipment for Fenwick Park in 2009 with a NatureWorks grant providing the majority of the funding.
I can be contacted at 531-3863 or with your issues and concerns.

John Mumper