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Monday, October 05, 2009

Candidate blog series: Ward 1 candidate Keith Moore (D)

The candidate blog series we did two years ago was so successful that we are repeating it for this year’s races for City offices. We invited all the candidates to submit open-ended blogs about their candidacies, which we will publish over the next 7-10 days. Candidates are not required to answer questions in the comment boxes, so it should not be construed as a negative for those who opt not to reply. Readers who wish make comments should keep in mind that rumors, personal attacks, name calling, and otherwise vicious remarks will be subject to moderation and possible deletion.

Dear CBN Readers –
I’m Keith Moore, and I’m running for reelection to Council Ward One. Before we get to who I am and why I’m running, let me ask about something that recently came up. Not a totally new idea, but a slightly different focus.

Over the years, there have been a number of groups formed to work on quality of life in Norwood. The more notable ones include CBN (which produced this blog) and the Norwood Citizen’s Association (or something like that), which kind of morphed into the West Norwood Neighborhood Association, which produced the Substation and Citizens on Patrol. Members of WNNA also worked on a Neighborhoods of Choice program for Norwood.

But I was recently asked about a Housing Committee, and it was the Housing part that stuck in my head. I like that. It’s focused. There are a hundred ideas out there with potential, maybe too many. But narrowing the field down to housing could be a great start.

I’m curious whether there would be support for a group like that and, more importantly, people willing to get and stay involved. Personally, I’d start with the Neighborhoods of Choice materials and work from there. Let me know.

And now back to our regularly scheduled campaign blog:

I’m Keith Moore and I’m running for reelection to Council Ward One. I live on Carter with my wife Lisa and two sons, Nathan (9) and Elijah (9 months). On Council, I serve as Chairman of the Community Development and Small Business Committee, Chairman of the Law and Ordinance Committee, and President Pro Tem.

We have made a lot of progress over the last few years putting Norwood on solid financial footing, addressing neighborhood problems, improving streets and infrastructure, and attracting new and better businesses. Some recent highlights are:

Commercial Development
■ Linden Pointe
■ Surrey Square with Kroger, Chipotle and Daata India
■ New Medical Buildings at the old MAB and on Sherman and Norwood
■ Seek Research’s first class rehab on Norwood Avenue

Parks and Buildings
■ Waterworks Pool renovations
■ Waterworks/Lindner Park upgrades
■ Hunter Park restrooms
■ Burwood Park repairs
■ Fenwick Park playground & lights

■ CRA Tax Abatement for improvements to property and new construction.
■ Comprehensive Housing Study
■ Eyesores torn down
■ Building Permits Streamlined
■ Shopping Cart Containment Systems at Kroger and Walgreens

I also arranged for Property Advisors and the Community Building Institute to identify problems areas and the best next steps to pursue - at no cost to Norwood. Some have been implemented, like the CRA.

Certainly, there is a lot more to be done, and I would like the chance to keep working on issues like these. What happens in the next two years depends on how the economy does. Revenues are up significantly through the first half of the year, but we’re starting to see some slippage that makes me think that things will be tight next year. But thanks to the work we have already done, we are in a better position than Cincinnati, Hamilton County, or the State.

If reelected, my priorities will be continuing work on the ideas from the Comprehensive Housing Study, full implementation of the CRA and Vacant Building programs, and a Sidewalk and Curb Assistance Program. And, depending on the response, a Housing Committee.

I welcome your comments and questions, whether here or at

Thank you for the opportunity to make my community a better place.