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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Introducing…new Norwood Marching Indians website

Laura Hobbs, longtime and much appreciated contributor to this blog, sent us the email below announcing the arrival of the new and improved website for the Norwood Bands. Laura isn’t a Band Booster officer this year; instead, she told us, “I just call myself the Web editor, but that’s not an office recognized by our membership bylaws.” And what a gifted Web editor she is! We’ve added the new website under our links on the right entitled Norwood Marching Indians.

We just switched the Norwood Bands Web site over to a new service. Instead of being a static set of Web pages, it's now one highly customized page on the Blogspot service.
By making this change, we gained a lot of neat interactive features and made it possible to be more timely with news updates. While the new site will be able to highlight activities of all the bands in the district, most of the focus is on the marching band. The address is

We are entering "marching season," our busiest time of the year, and we needed to be able to update the site more quickly to help keep parents informed, especially on competition days. If you visit the site, you'll notice a feed from Twitter, too. This site is also less expensive (free!) and easier to maintain than our old site. We lost maybe a little content (staff bios) and the precise down-to-the-pixel control that the old Apple MobileMe site offered, but I think the tradeoff in timeliness is worth it.


Laura Hobbs