Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dr. Alex blogs about Norwood Community Garden launch

Local blogger The Medicine Man of Norwood, aka Dr. Alex, has this great account and photos like the one above of Saturday’s launch of the Norwood Community Garden at Linden Pointe. He reports that Mayor Williams and other local politicians appeared as guest speakers for the occasion. It looks like Linden Pointe developer Al Neyer did a fantastic job of developing the individual garden beds. Dr. Alex, a member of Norwood Young Professionals, shows a sketch of the bed NYP has reserved and says, “The veggies of our labor are open to all who want to help grow and tend to the soil of the plot. If you're free one evening, come and walk down to check out the NYP Community Garden and remember to give show a little love and attention.” Now there’s offer that sounds hard to refuse.

(Dr. Alex, thank you for leaving your homepage in our comments box, and thank you for the compliment.)