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Monday, May 18, 2009

Xavier’s Women’s Center Hosts Women’s Health at Twelve

Summer lunchtime series of brown bag video conferences

Wednesdays at noon in June and July, the Xavier University Women’s Center will present Women’s Health at Twelve, a collaboration of the Center, Xavier Psychological Services and the McGrath Health & Counseling Center. This free, bring-your-lunch gathering presents a weekly sampling of shows from the University of California’s television programming. The shows originally aired between 2003 and 2009. Come to the Women’s Center at 1415 Dana Avenue on the following dates, and don’t forget to bring a lunch and a friend!

June 3: Heart Healthy Chocolate - Chocolate is good for heart health as well as the palate. Mary Engler’s research results show chocolate and cocoa are rich, plant-derived sources of antioxidant flavonoids promoting beneficial cardiovascular effects.

June 10: Alzheimer’s Disease - Current treatment for Alzheimer’s disease offers only symptomatic relief, but recent discoveries by Nazneen Dewji, PhD, UCSD School of Medicine, support the development of two new drugs to potentially treat the cause. What might the future hold in treating Alzheimer’s disease?

June 17: Women’s Health after Breast Cancer - Dr. Mindy Goldman explores menopausal issues related to breast cancer. Learn about alternative treatment of hot flashes, issues about sexual dysfunction and improving quality of life. Presented by the Center for Gender Equity at UC San Francisco.

June 24: Health Matters: Varicose Veins - Dr. Gerant Rivera, Associate Professor of Radiology at UCSD describes how new minimally invasive techniques in interventional radiology are used to treat a variety of conditions from aortic aneurysms to varicose veins.

July 1: Successful Aging: Sleepless in San Diego - Research suggests it is the ability to sleep not the need that changes as we age. Factors affecting sleep include changes in biological rhythms, medical and psychiatric illness and their medications, the prevalence of sleep disorders, and behavioral problems, like poor sleep habits. Dr. Daniel Kripke discusses these factors and remedies that will help us sleep better as we get older.

July 8: Sex Talk: HIV Prevention Messages - Panel experts explore problems that hurt community-based organizations and public schools in their efforts to teach HIV/AIDS prevention messages. Co-sponsored by The UCLA AIDS Institute and The Williams Project on Sexual Orientation.

July 15: Your Nightly Dreams - G. William Domhoff, research professor of psychology and sociology at UC Santa Cruz, is a leading dreams expert. Fascinated by dreams for nearly 50 years, he highlights his work with DreamBank, a search engine and database of 16,000 dreams.

July 22: Childhood Obesity - Childhood obesity concerns both parents and health care professionals. Dr. Dennis Styne, Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at UC Davis explains the causes and factors.

July 29: Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Gender Differences - Women often receive inadequate pain care as it requires gender distinctive treatment strategies. Margaret Chesney, Ph.D., Deputy Director, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, updates gender differences in the use of complementary and alternative medicine.

August 5: Pain and Endometriosis - The UCSD School of Medicine and the Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation bring the newest installments of this innovative series targeted at successfully managing pain in women. In this program, Karen Berkley, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience, Florida State University, talks about pain and endometriosis.