Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Xavier Newswire: 12 students arrested by NPD this year

Lt. Tom Williams: “we have a job to do”

The current issue of the Xavier Newswire reports the Norwood Police have arrested 12 students in the opening weeks of school when, according to the NPD’s Lt. Tom Williams, “the biggest parties are going to happen.” These 12 arrests don’t include other citations and arrests made by Xavier Campus Police following notification by the NPD.

The Newswire states that students living in off-campus housing are “probably” being patrolled by both Campus Police and Norwood Police, and, according to Lt. Williams, the NPD has recently increased their patrol of the south end of Norwood. “During the school year we do step up our controls at the south end. Especially at the beginning of school, end of school and during the breaks because usually we know that that’s when the biggest parties are going to happen,” Williams said. He believes the student problems are not as bad as previous years and that Xavier “has done a good job emphasizing respect toward neighbors.

Lt. Williams told the Newswire that he encourages students to be cooperative and courteous with police and to assist their friends who may be making bad decisions, adding, “Try to be your brother’s keeper.” He said the main concerns for the NPD are underage drinking, public intoxication and disorderly conduct and advised, “If you’re being loud and disorderly, you’re going to be arrested.” While the Norwood police would be happy to talk to students and answer questions, he said, “they have to understand we have a job to do.”