Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, September 19, 2008

COW meeting stays in Council Chambers

John Mumper has responded to Steve Thornbury’s request on behalf of some individuals who wanted a larger venue for next Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting (see yesterday’s blog below). Mr. Mumper is keeping the meeting in Council Chambers because the sound and video conditions at the Community Center are inadequate and because NCT cannot broadcast the meeting live on cable Channel 4 from that location.

In anticipation of a sizable turnout for the meeting, Mr. Mumper is putting a requirement in place we’ve never seen used at COW meetings: members of the public who wish to speak about the Health Department issue will need to arrive early to fill out a form similar to the one required to address council members at their regular meetings. Mr. Mumper will then collect the forms and use them to determine how much time each speaker will be allocated.