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Monday, September 29, 2008

Steve Johns with CCR on the Norwood Health Department

Following is an email Steve Johns with Citizens for Civic Renewal sent last Thursday to CCR BEST members. Just what is CCR and why does our Health Department issue interest them so much? Why does Mr. Johns refer to Norwood residents this way: “As usual the citizenry is up in arms…?" We recognize some names on their Advisory Council on this page of CCR’s website: Roxanne Qualls, Tom Neyer, Jr., Henry Winkler, Rep. Steve Driehaus; but are there any names of Norwood residents listed on the entire page? A quick glance at other pages, including this page, suggests CCR is involved in Cincinnati and Hamilton County issues. Why was Mr. Johns ready as early as last Thursday to spring into action to help Mayor Williams, and should the Mayor accept CCR's help to consolidate?

From: Citizens for Civic Renewal
Subject: CCR - BEST - Norwood Health Department
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 11:57:44 -0400

Dear CCR BEST members: Please see this link regarding the discussion the City of Norwood is having about merging its health department with Hamilton County's. As usual the citizenry is up in arms about losing services while the elected officials see a potential annual savings of $350,000. You might recall that Norwood is one of a handful of Hamilton County cities and villages that still have a health department. For the citizen perspective see You might want to express your support for consolidation by contacting Norwood Mayor Tom Williams at 458-4501 -- 5701 Varelman Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45212 I will be contacting the Mayor if CCR can be of any help with this process. Thanks

Steve Johns Citizens for Civic Renewal
3805 Edwards Road #549
Cincinnati, OH 45209
513-458-6610 (f)

(h/t to our reader)