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Friday, March 20, 2009

Just in: Norwood Auditor Jim Stith’s new website

We just received the following announcement about Norwood Auditor Jim Stith’s terrific new website. As you’ll see, he constructed the site at no cost to the City. As we did with Mayor Williams’ new website, we’ve added Norwood Auditor Jim Stith to our links on the right. Welcome aboard, Mr. Stith!

Jim Stith, Auditor of the City of Norwood has designed and launched a new website for the Auditor's office. The site introduces the Auditor's staff, discusses issues within the Auditor' office, and supplies information on the City of Norwood and it's finances. There are areas to provide feedback, view fees for licenses and permits, and obtain contact information for City departments.

For anyone who has seen the Auditor at Council meetings referring to the monthly Council reports and displaying charts and graphs, these are made available for download. From the "Auditor Reports" page you can download monthly Auditor reports, annual financial reports, State of Ohio Audits, financial forecasts and even the Fiscal Watch Analysis.. City employees and department heads can download forms used by their departments.

The Auditor's office is looking for feedback on the site and would love to hear any ideas for it's improvement. It should be noted that the site was designed and constructed by the Auditor himself on his own time using free software downloaded from the internet at no cost to the City. The monthly hosting cost of $25 will be waived for the first 3 months while the site is being tested.

Please take the time to check out the site