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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Petition to delay Allison Elem. vote at Walgreens this morning

Since Tuesday’s announcement in the Enquirer that NCS Superintendent Steve Collier has recommended that the BOE close Allison Elementary (see 9/10/08 blog below), a team of Allison parents (and there may be parents from other local schools) has quickly formed to persuade board members to study the matter further and not vote to close Allison at their Thursday, Sept. 18 meeting next week. Last night Fox Channel 19 did a story about their effort, and we will post the video when we are able locate it.

Sarah Horsely, one of the Allison parents on the team, has informed us that this petition, which includes 9 specific questions the BOE is urged to address before voting, is being circulated in advance of next Thursday’s BOE meeting. This morning between 8 and 11 a.m., team members will be at our local Walgreens on Montgomery Rd. collecting signatures. From there, the group will break up and go door-to-door in various neighborhoods; and next week, at least one of them will have the petition at each of our schools. As soon as the group has Krogers’ permission to collect signatures, we’ll post their schedule at that location. If any of our readers would like assist the team or have additional information, you can email Sara at

The petitions says, in part:

We do not believe that closing Allison Street Elementary will be beneficial to any of our Norwood City School students or that it will create long term savings for our city. We look forward to continued dialogue, including a public roundtable where these and other questions can be addressed. We firmly reject the closing of our school.
Thank you.

By signing below, I am in favor of the Norwood City School Board to conduct further analysis and answer the nine questions provided above be answered before making any final decisions on closing a school.

11:00 AM UPDATE: Sarah tells us Krogers has given the Allison team permission to collect signatures, and the group hopes to have several of their members there this afternoon roughly in noon to 5:00 p.m. time frame and, perhaps, tomorrow as well. Tentatively, they plan to be at Krogers after school next week, roughly 4 - 7 p.m., and we’ll post the schedule once it’s confirmed.